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Trieste Diamonte Buckles

We have a range of twinkle backdrops available to create a real focal point of your top table!

All our wedding backdrops are high quality British made items guaranteed to look at their best on your big day. Whether you prefer the look of the classic Capri, the modern Trieste or the fashionable Flower Wall, your choice of backdrop will utilise professional fibre-optic lighting systems to produce a true ‘twinkle’ without any risk of lights not working due to broken wires and without any heat being produced. Due to this lighting system, we are also able to provide coloured ‘twinkles’ too if required, currently we have Pink, Blue, Purple & Yellow lights available as well as the standard warm white.

The stunning modern Trieste Ivory wedding backdrop is a full 7m wide and upto 3m tall and features extra chiffon overlays which are gathered with diamonte buckles.

The Trieste backdrop is a real eye catching decoration and our most popular wedding backdrop. The diamonte buckles may also be exchanged for the same buckles as the rear of your chair covers if applicable.

The latest addition to our wedding backdrops is the amazing flower wall.

Covered in hand made chiffon flowers inspired by celebrity weddings, this striking backdrop is complete with twinkling lights and can also be washed with your choice of colour with a moodlight placed in front, available as either a 6m or 9m wide backdrop,

The Capri wedding backdrop is the timeless classic design, featuring soft Ivory chiffon fabric over the gently twinkling fibre optic lights.

Standing at 7m wide by up-to 3m tall, this classic backdrop is perfect for use behind your top table, or just to cover an unsightly area or wall.

We have Ivory twinkle Top-Table and Wedding Cake/Gift Table skirts available to match the Capri & Trieste wedding backdrops.

Made from the same high quality Ivory chiffon material and utilising the same lighting system, these table skirts are a perfect match to the larger twinkle backdrops and extend the ‘look’ of your wedding throughout the whole room.

At 22ft long, the Top-Table skirt can also be used for the evening buffet table at most venues.

Whichever choice of wedding backdrop you prefer, they can be utilised however you wish. As well as the ever popular backdrop to the top-table, all the twinkle backdrops can also be used as a backdrop for your civil service so you can walk down the aisle and say your vows with a beautiful backdrop behind you. We have also used our wedding backdrops on several occasions to hide unsightly areas or even just an ugly wall. We have even used a backdrop to effectively partition off a room as the band had to setup in the morning, but the couple didn’t want all their equipment to be in the photos from the ceremony and wedding breakfast in the same room.

Depending on your venue and the room(s) you’re using, you may want the backdrop in more than one place, such as at the end of the aisle for during your ceremony then behind your top-table for the wedding breakfast, this can be arranged subject to a small charge.

All the twinkle wedding backdrops provided by Sheffield Wedding DJ are totally self-contained and free standing, requiring no external support or fixings, just one plug socket.

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