Mood lighting – Painting Your Venue With Light

Venue Mood Lighting, also sometimes called uplighting, involves placing lights around the edge of your room and using these lighting fixtures to bathe the walls in colours of your choice. This service is probably the most dramatic and cost effective way to  make your venue look stunning. You get to decide on the colour you would like your wedding reception to be and I will supply everything needed  to paint your venue with light to match the chosen colour scheme.

Mood lighting can be used to provide either floods of light which will bathe your whole venue in your chosen colours, or accents of light may be used to highlight focal points of the room. The mood lighting may be provided in a wide range of colours and shades. Maybe the beautiful room in your dream venue is not quite the colours you have in mind for your evening? Or possibly your stunning location has a relatively plain room? With mood lighting, the whole room will be transformed. Mood lighting complements your chosen theme and brings the whole room together.

You can choose to have all the lighting in either the same colour or a series of alternating colours, you can even have the lighting changing colours or creating patterns which flow around your room. As with all my lighting, the Mood Lighting is computer controlled to give me the ultimate flexibility to make the lighting do exactly what you want.

Light Where You Want It

The use of LED par cans to provide mood lighting allows me to achieve the effect you desire. All of the units can be positioned equally around your room to provide a fairly even spread of colour, spaced more closely together to produce a constant wash of colour along each wall or can be positioned much wider apart from each other to produce a much more dramatic striped effect, or to highlight focal points of your room. I can place the units where you wish, or use my own creativity to position the mood lighting effectively for your venue.

Mood lighting is the most visually stunning service I provide, and undoubtedly the one that generates the most interest. The ultimate effect is obtained when used in conjunction with a white dance floor. The total effect, with the mood lighting gently reflecting off the surface of the dance floor, is very hard to beat. Your guests will be amazed and will be talking about your evening for years to come.

While my mood lighting service are not cheap, they certainly are’t expensive either, especially when you compare the costs of other venue dressing services such as chair covers or balloons, the cost compared to the visual effect produced is almost unbeatable.

My mood lighting uses the latest LED technology, this enables me to computer control the lighting, as well as ensuring the lights themselves are low wattage and produce virtually no heat, so are totally safe to use around children.

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