Our Starlight LED dance floors are the ultimate visual element to consider for your wedding reception. The dance floors are available in all Black, all White, Black & White Stripes and now even Black & White Chequered! They are one of my most enquired about services due to their sheer stunning beauty and immediate visual impact.

Due to using professional wired dancefloors, our floors offer a true twinkle effect as each LED slowly fades up and down as opposed to the flashing on and off achieved with wireless floors. All our floors are also supplied complete with a control box which allows for complete control over the twinkle speed of the floor, along with the pattern selection and fading all on or all off.

Our floors can be laid in any size in multiples of 2ft, so can be used for squares, rectangles and even walkways. The floors are laid by specially trained staff who will ensure the floor is laid quickly and safely.

Each starlight dance floor panel contains low voltage LEDs which twinkle all throughout your reception to provide you with a stunning focal point for the evening’s entertainment. All my starlight dance floors are wired floors, so you can total confidence that all the lights will stay illuminated throughout your reception without the risk of the problem of panels failing due to contacts coming lose with the movement of people dancing, associated with cheaper wireless floors.

Our black and white dance floors are much more traditional than our starlight dance floors and are extremely popular due to their classical looks and competitive pricing.

Our standard floors are available in sheer White or Black & White Chequered versions, each adding a timeless classic look to any venue.

As with the starlight dancefloors, my standard dance floors are cleaned before and after every use and as a result, they look spectacular. We are happy to have the dance floor installed at a time to suit you, be that in the morning or just before your evening reception. The dancefloor uses a special locking system, meaning one of our trained staff can assemble the whole floor in under an hour!

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